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Cue Plot Device

Mar 9, 2019

Legends episodes and minisodes are hand picked podcasting gold nuggets from our early days that we can't just let sit and gather dust! These ones just get better with age.

In this episode of Cue Plot Device Chief starts off the show with some hillbilly “mumbojumbo”, we discover Yosh has never been to a Disney Park, The Captain agrees to watch Steven Universe, and Dr. G just about looses it. It’s another all around great time with the crew of Cue Plot Device

PLOT DEVICE: Sym-Bionic Titan
DEEP IN PLOT: Adventure Video Games


About the show: Doctor G, Yosh, Captain, and Chief bring you into the world of nerdy and geeky things. Those things include cartoons, comics, video games, movies, tv-shows, card games, board games and much, much more. Thanks for listening and spread the word to your fellow nerd!

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