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Cue Plot Device

Jan 31, 2019

 In this episode of Cue Plot Device the team gets back together! Chief reminisces about the oldie VR Troopers and Captain finds out you can fight opponents you've lost to in Super Smash. The show may evolve as it continues on but Dr. G, Yosh, Captain, and Chief are all back talking about the nerdy things you know and love. 


NEWS: Console Rumors, Video Games, Disney Plus
PLOT DEVICE: Virtual Reality in Sports
DEEP IN PLOT: Nintendo Super Smash Brothers


About the show: Doctor G, Yosh, Captain, and Chief bring you into the world of nerdy and geeky things. Those things include cartoons, comics, video games, movies, tv-shows, card games, board games and much, much more. Thanks for listening and spread the word to your fellow nerd!

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